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Shy Mimosa Loves: Spring/Summer Edit 2023Read More
19 Jun 2023
Shy Mimosa Loves: Spring/Summer Edit 2023
Published at 20:10:50 on 19 June 2023
Posted by Shy Mimosa | Category: Shy Mimosa Loves
Tags: Shy Mimosa Loves, Spring, Summer, Jardins D'Ecrivains,

The arrival of summer heralds a new olfactory mood and there is no better time to explore the pick me up - spirit lifting – zesty mood enhancing perfumes that suit the humidity and rising temperatures.

These warmer months are a perfect...

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Meet the Perfumer behind AJARRead More
28 Sep 2017
Meet the Perfumer behind AJAR
Published at 13:41:15 on 28 September 2017
Posted by Shy Mimosa | Category: Perfume Brands
Tags: AJAR, Jardins D'Ecrivains, Behind the Perfumer,
Since the beginning of our perfumery, Jardins D'Écrivains Officiel had proudly been with us on this scented journey and our fascination of all the perfumes in the collection hadn't stopped. A concept of a brand where the inspiration comes directly from...
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Audacious Autumn ScentsRead More
19 Sep 2017
Audacious Autumn Scents
A fantastic review of a few unconventional scents for Autumn written by the talented perfume blogger Tim Joshua Nicholson, who puts air into words beautifully...

Click on the image to go to Tim's site and read his post....
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