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Here at Shy Mimosa Perfumery we specialise in the artisanal wonders of niche perfume.

We can help you to find a luxurious fragrance to suit your taste, mood or even your individual, signature scent.

So, what is Niche Perfume?

To understand what niche perfume is, it is best to first distinguish the difference between fragrances that are classified as niche or mainstream.

'Niche' is the name given to perfumes which are often interesting, unusual, special and difficult to find.

Niche perfume houses, all work with the same ‘palette’ of fragrance ingredients but the niche perfumers try daring combinations that are inspired by very personal events and experiences. All fragrances tell a story, and exploring niche perfumes can be a great way to learn about the olfactory universe.

Mainstream or designer perfume is manufactured to be worn en-masse - or by many - whereas niche perfumes are more exclusive and personal as they are hand crafted using the finest and delicate of ingredients, produced in small quantities.

Many of the fragrances that are considered rare, exclusive or niche are not marketed based on gender. This is because the exquisite perfumes made by artisan or master perfumer or are so unique that they are crafted to indulge the senses of all.

Niche perfume is a type of fragrance that will express high quality and so is more appealing from a unisex point of view.

What is niche perfume?

Photo curtesy of S.R, one of our delighted customers.

This is generally what sets niche perfume apart from those in the mainstream "designer" category.

Believing that scent has the power to inspire, create and accompany some of our lives greatest memories, we can help you to choose a niche fragrance that is both personal and intimate. We are here to guide you and not make that decision for you.

We invite you to browse our wide range of niche perfume online or come and visit us in our boutique in Bristol for a truly personal experience.