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Background Information

Inspired by the raw beauty of materials and the meticulous gestures that transform them.

ATELIER MATERI collaborates with artists and craftsmen, from the harvesting of materials to the creation of perfumes, flacons and boxes.

These are the expert hands that tame every material until its beauty is revealed.

A single natural raw material lies at the heart of each perfume. Traditional or unexpected, it is selected with care, from the best terroir and with respect for fair trade. With conviction and independence, ATELIER MATERI offers a minimalist and contemporary olfactory signature, where the raw materials find expression in textured and distinctive compositions. The minimal and contemporary aesthetic is rooted in architecture and modernist design. The union between deep blue and stark minerality is reflected in the flacon – the cap made of concrete, poured, polished and finished with an antique bronze patina by hand.

Passionate about fragrance, architecture and design, Véronique Le Bihan imagines these disciplines from the same perspective: the transformation of raw material. It is her inspiration. After twelve years in cosmetics and fragrance product development, she decided to create a brand of subtle luxury, one in line with her ethical, social and environmental values. With these principles at its heart, she founded ATELIER MATERI.

ATELIER MATERI is committed to a sustainable and fair-trade process throughout the development of its perfumes. They establish relationships based on collaboration, transparency and fair remuneration with their partners. Following the principle of a short supply chain, they favour local sourcing and French manufacturing. Their perfumers are based in the Grasse region. The flacon is made in France and Germany, the cap handmade in a workshop in Brittany, and the box is assembled near Paris.

They pay particular attention to the selection of their raw materials, making sure the work of the producers and suppliers is respectful of the environment. The natural ingredients are always selected with exceptional quality and ecological preservation in mind, without ever threatening the natural resources. They also ensure that no testing is performed on animals.

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