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Audacious Autumn Scents

A fantastic review of a few unconventional scents for Autumn written by the talented perfume blogger Tim Joshua Nicholson, who puts air into words beautifully...

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Read Five Audacious Scents for Autumn by Tim Joshua Nicholson Here
Perfumes Featured:

Rituale - Mendittorosa
Exclusive to Shy Mimosa Perfumery in the UK
Rituale is perfumed blessing for your daily rituals, prayer whispering on your skin.

Aesthete - Le Galion
In a tribute to the aesthete and perfumer of the house, Le Galion has created Aesthete, an elegant and refined fragrance of Persian leather.

ORLANDO - Jardins D'Ecrivains
Mysterious, rich and spicy oriental fragrance.

Bois d'Iris - Daniel Josier
This fragrance is both fresh and spicy with a classical twist.

Berlin im Winter - Baruti