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19 Sep 2017
Audacious Autumn Scents
A fantastic review of a few unconventional scents for Autumn written by the talented perfume blogger Tim Joshua Nicholson, who puts air into words beautifully...

Click on the image to go to Tim's site and read his post....
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An unconventional, bold and innovative take on perfumeRead More
17 Nov 2016
An unconventional, bold and innovative take on perfume
Published at 15:02:32 on 17 November 2016
Posted by Shy Mimosa | Category: Perfume Brands
Tags: Baruti, Berlin Im Winter,
Baruti - unconventional, bold and innovative take on perfume. We are extremely excited to be carrying this extraordinary brand. This is not a quiet line. Each scent jumps out of the bottles and explodes!

For the long and cold winter...
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