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Manos Gerakinis Parfums

Manos Gerakinis Parfums

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The vision of Manos Gerakinis for his brand is for the wearer to become the pole of attraction for those around him and to be a long lasting memory long after.

Manos, given name Emmanouil, is a world class traveler whose life lead him to specialise in fine luxury. Born in North Greece but lived abroad most of his life. Coming from a ship owner family that originates in Istanbul meant that his grandparents would take him travelling around the world. He was charmed by different cultures while growing to love classical music and developing his natural talent for painting. His grandmother who was a fine art lover, introduced him to the french 'Savoir Faire' and insisted on him taking painting classes for almost ten years. Manos' favourite themes are women and flowers, especially roses.

Since a young boy he started collecting scents and fragrances in order to captivate these memories. He knew since then that a fragrance is one's little treasure and as such it should be unique, mysterious and poetic. He is the editor of every single perfume to its last detail and each one narrates a story of their own. His scents can take you to various places, from walking down Champs-Élysées to the Arab souk markets, from a summer night in Greece to a Japanese flower garden.

Every Manos Gerakinis perfume is individually created to ensure uniqueness, this is a scented journey that he is inviting us to join him.

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