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Shy Mimosa Loves: Spring/Summer Edit 2023

The arrival of summer heralds a new olfactory mood and there is no better time to explore the pick me up - spirit lifting – zesty mood enhancing perfumes that suit the humidity and rising temperatures.

These warmer months are a perfect time to immerse ourselves in summer-centric scents, moving away from the warm, earthier perfumes of Autumn and Winter, and back to the sparkle and effervescence of Ozonic-Marine-Aquatic and citrus - green - hesperidic Perfumes.

Jardins D'Ecrivains Perfume

Jardins D'Ecrivains - a niche house from the prolific creative force that is perfumer Anais Biguine – is akin to opening a door into another world, a parallel olfactory universe if you will.

Her inspiration – literature and writers, poets and poetry, she speaks of and translates the emotions, atmospheres that these venerable words evoke.

For the Summer months, we have curated a handful of Jardins D'Ecrivains' perfumes that really come alive in this more sultry weather.

Jardins D'Ecrivains - Alcazar

Baltazar del Alcazar

Inspiration: Early Andalucian Poet

Unexpected - Bracing - Herbaceous - Leafy

Beneath the langurous shade of a plentiful Orange Tree in deepest Seville, we find a hidden rooftop patio, where the indolence of endless afternoon siestas tell of many stories; a black cat is napping, whilst Moroccan Mint Tea is sipped to cool the senses. If these blinding white never ending rooftops under a deep Sevillian sky are the inspiration for the top notes, then the scent of bitter orange, its succulently fleshy fruit and the distilled bark and leaves represent the shade.

A balmy Siroccan wind blows now and then, suggesting the spiritual presence of an ancient Andalucian poet.

A perfume of surprising depth – bitter and fresh at first – the cool minty facets giving way to the ripe tart oranges. Then the dense leafiness of Green Tea gives the composition a sense of grounding and base.

Clever, balanced, and sophisticated whilst remaining accessible for everyday use. Southern Europe bottled.

Jardins D'Ecrivains - WILDE


Inspiration: Oscar Wilde, Irish Literary Icon

Debonair - Green - Soapy - Floral

How do you translate a literary legend and their words into a perfume? Anais Biguine has done an admirable job in doing so: the ambiguity, the enigmatic and elusive facets of Wilde's complex personality are found here. A champion of the 'Aesthete' movement – where living for pleasure, sensuality seeking and hedonistic behaviour was absolutely his prerogative.

Like many of Oscar's throwaway comments - many tongue in cheek - this perfume has an airiness and a flamboyant flourish representing this: notes of Bergamot and Grape give crispness and gaiety, the carnation a nod to the flower he often wore in his lapel, the softness of Fig, supported by the plushness of Moss and Vetiver which mirror the decadence and spirit of his lifestyle.

Putting the Literary backdrop aside, this is a versatile perfume for all ages and sexes, light enough to be worn on hot Summer days, but with enough depth and pathos to appeal to those headstrong folk who perfume themselves with a little more aplomb.

Green, Timeless, Playful and Mischievously Elegant.

Jardins D'Ecrivains - Zorba


Inspiration: Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis

Aqueous - Marine - Fougere - Wild

An ode to adventure, a scented paean to joy and freedom. The salty bite of brine and ozone, pushing from the savage coastal tides into the wild scrublands, is a scent to behold: where wild plants release their odiferous splendour into the Grecian winds. Marinous accents inter-pollinate with the herbaceous tones of wild low lying vegetation of sun scorched limestone soils along the Mediterranean, sometimes known as 'Garrigue'. Sage gives depth, whilst Iris and Cyclamen impart a lovely floral freshness – redolent of wild flowers. Rock Rose, Castoreum and Moss lie at the base of our panoramic landscape.

Although this has a familiarity of a classic aquatic Masculine, this adapts itself to it’s wearer, and alongside a beautiful crispness, this also has a delicately placed fruity nuance, allowing the fougere aspects some breathing space. This somehow smells neo-classical, knowingly retro, whilst remaining contemporary.

An absolute delight to wear when the humidity is high, and a Summer breeze carries the diffusive sillage over the (Cretan) hills and far away. Blissful, both rugged and tender, whilst full of youths lost reveries.

Jardins D’Ecrivains can be found both in our bristol boutique and here online.

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