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Shy Mimosa introduces beautiful lifestyle products such as, refillable perfume travel atomisers that are easy to handle when travelling and carry our favourite perfumes; luxurious and exceptional quality candles developed by perfumers; stylish candle accessories - wick trimmers and candle snuffers - that we highly recommend to not only maintain your candles but extend their life and preserve their aroma; and our latest addition of books and magazines focused on all things fragrance.

These little luxuries are a great way to complement our lives, offered as gifts or just pure enjoyment to have.

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Home Scent

Fragranced Candles

Our selection of candles are beautiful decorative objects and powerful fragrance diffusers. They are developed by perfumers who have used wax that is specifically suited to each fragrance oil. The candles are hand-poured around a wick that burns with a clean and defined flame.

Once lit, these candles transform a room into a place of warmth and comfort: your own sacred-haven.


Presented for the first time in 2014, the Jovoy candle collection is welcoming a new look across the collection.

All the candle glasses and gift boxes offer an affectionate tribute to family heritage by being embossed with the coat of arms belonging to the Viscountess de Saint-Genys, the great- grandmother of Jovoy founder François Hénin.

Explore the scents in the Jovoy candle collection and create your own atmosphere. Currently stocking the best sellers:

Ambre 1er Marron L’Arbre de la Connaissance

All Jovoy Candles are 100% cotton wick and hand braided. 50 hours burning time with incredibly intense diffusion.

See Home Scents from other brands such as Marc-Antoine BARROIS, Aedes de Venustas and Eight & Bob.


Jovoy Paris Scented Candles


Books & Magazines


NEZ Books & Magazines


Books & Magazines dedicated to all things fragrant. We are an official stockist of NEZ magazines and Books published by the same publisher.

NEZ is a journal like publication and it is for everyone who is intrigued by the world of scent.

NEZ is also great for someone who is an avid perfume lover or someone who is intrigued to enter the enchanting world of scent. The magazines and the books can be a fantastic way to build knowledge on the subject. Or just be read for fun.

The magazines and the books we stock, make great gifts to add when gifting a fragrance.

Explore NEZ publications:

NEZ Magazines NEZ Books


Trimmers & Snuffers

Wick Trimmers and Candle Snuffers are a great accessory to have with candles and make a wonderful gift to add to a candle - sleek and stylish.

Both the trimmers & snuffers are available in 3 finishes:

  • Matt Black
  • Silver
  • Gold
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Shy Mimosa Wick Trimmers

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