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Background Information

Established in 2016 by Joseph and Eglantine Berthion, Senyokô is a Paris-based
independent fragrance brand.

The brand demonstrates a unique fusion of French elegance and Japanese
refinement by blending avant-garde elements from literature, fine arts and music
deeply rooted in both Eastern and Western cultures, creating immensely beautiful,
rare and exquisite fragrances. At Senyokô, each fragrance tells its own story.

The Three Colours
The brand’s theme colours are black and white with an accent of red, a nod to the
Asian aesthetics.

The Cap
Senyokô co-crafts the cap of its fragrances with a leading French luxury closure
manufacturer, using a patent high-density resin that mimics a unique torn-paper
texture, “the texture of life.”

The Perfumes
Senyokô chooses only the finest raw materials in the perfumery industry and never
limits the nose’s budget to ensure quality and uniqueness of its perfumes.
Senyokô's supplier list is highlighted by the world's most prestigious raw material
manufacturers, and the brand respects the constructional beauty of odorant
molecules — neither water nor colouring has ever been added to its creations.

The Core Values
Senyokô revolves around the unique PEPR (PARFUMS EXQUIS • PRODIGES
RARES) project that consists of humanistic and culturally based values. The brand
collaborates with various outstanding niche talents in fine arts and music.

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