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Olibere Paris

Olibere Paris

Background Information

Olibere Paris is a French luxurious niche perfume house, created by Marjorie Olibere, whose many years of travelling were part of the inspiration behind her brand. But, Marjorie had another passion: cinema and perfumes, both according to her "nourish her life equally".

Marjorie combined those two passions in the creation of perfume collections. We are delighted to be the exclusive stockist of Olibere Paris and present to you the Les Mythiques Extrait de Parfum collection.

Words from Marjorie: "Les Mythiques, was inspired by mythical movies I was watching growing up. These movies portrayed interesting, imperfect, funny and quirky, yet strong characters and I wanted to illustrate these traits with the 4 Extraits de Parfum in the collection".

Les Mythiques is a result of collaboration between Marjorie Olibere and the perfumer Luca Maffei of Atelier Fragranze Milano.

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