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At Shy Mimosa's Fragrance Shop we provide our customers with a truly unique experience.

We can help you to find an exquisite fragrance to suit you.

This is what sets us apart from other perfume shops.

Specialist Niche Fragrance Shop

We offer the most inspiring artisan perfume brands not found in your typical high street fragrance store. We offer you the chance to find a niche perfume that expresses who you are as an individual.

Mainstream perfume is made to be worn by many whereas, niche perfumes are more exclusive and are hand crafted using the finest ingredients.

Believing that scent has the power to inspire, create and accompany some of our lives greatest memories, we can help you to choose a niche fragrance that is both personal and intimate. We are here to guide you and not make that decision for you.

We invite you to browse our wide range of niche perfume online or come and visit us in our boutique in Bristol for a truly personal experience.

Online Fragrance shop

Some of the rare & exclusive perfumes found in our shop.