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Background Information

The Chergian brand was originally founded in the 1920s by a French family preferring to sit behind the scenes...

Forgotten in the mists of time, waiting in the wings for a rebirth, eager for the perfect storm - Cherigan rises once again from the ashes of the gilded age of Perfumery; a remarkable Perfume House revived nearly 100 years after its inception - alive, awake, bursting with energy and zestful purpose.

The spirit of those heady times are recaptured and encapsulated in a perfume collection that embodies the values of excellence, elegance and the extraordinary.

All in Extrait de Parfum using at least 90% natural ingredients, these reimagined and reconstructed Perfumes are a testament to the innovation and vision of the great Parfumeurs of the Art Nouveau/Deco period.

Accompanying the lost classic "Fleurs de Tabac", we find several remarkable compositions carrying us on a 360 degree Olfactive journey: a panoramic landscape, a masterclass in Perfumery - this is one olfactory expedition not to be missed.

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