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The Perfumers Story By Azzi

The Perfumer's Story By Azzi

Background Information

Azzi Glasser has been a trail blazer, perfume rebel and innovator for 25 years. Her innovative artisan perspective on scent enabled her to develop a bespoke Perfumery business with a remarkable client list, resulting in winning 6 FiFi awards.

Azzi's work with artists is conceptual, translating themes into scent. She works with actors and musicians, developing personal scents, often adding an olfactive dimension to their roles or music. Clients include Helena Bonham Carter, Orlando Bloom, Adam Lambert, Kylie, Stephen Fry and Jude Law to name a few.

Collaborating with galleries and artists on a global level, she creates bespoke scent for art exhibitions, some of these including "Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick" at Somerset House, and "Kylie Minogue Retrospective" for the Victoria and Albert Museum.

She connects with designers, having scented fashion shows with Alexander McQueen, Jasper Conran and Nicole Farhi. Her understanding of the connection between scent and emotion has helped her translate the character and ambiance of hotels and clubs into scent, including "The Dorchester", "Quo Vadis" and "The Mandrake".

In 2016, Azzi launched her long-awaited own brand, The Perfumer's Story.

Azzi's goal is to create beautiful Perfumes that bring joy into people’s lives, redefine the Perfumery experience, and to tell vivid stories in scent.

Seeing that it is hard for people to find their signature, she created a scent range inspired by character and style, rather than olfactory families to make it easier to find your individual Perfume, and building a scented library for every personality, mood, and moment.

Each perfume is packaged in its own special scent storybook with bookmark. These are more just perfumes – they are stories, memories and emotions. As Azzi suggested: "Apply fragrance to neck, décolleté, wrists, and hair – also recommend under arms and back of the neck for a hedonistic scent experience."

We are thrilled to be Azzi's trusted retail partner outside of London and to work with such an iconic British Brand.

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