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La Parfumerie Moderne

La Parfumerie Moderne

Background Information

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The Origin

A young boy tiptoes his way up the marble staircase of a forgotten palace. Once at the top floor, he sneaks into a mighty suite.
A perfume flask gleams inside a dusty bedside table. Intrigued by the unlabelled phial he wondered - was it left behind by the Indian princess who often stayed in this apartment?

The perfume smells of lilac. Where could it possibly come from? Could it be Coty, Houbigant, Gabilla, or Lenthéric? Perhaps the fragrance was created especially for her?

Little did he know that this tiny time capsule straight from the golden age of modern perfumery contained his future.

It is to recapture the magic of his serendipitous find, that Philippe Neirinck founded La Parfumerie Moderne and his vision was interpreted by the perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato.

The Inspiration

La Parfumerie Moderne’s logo is inspired by "hotels luggage labels", which were posted in the palaces at the beginning of the 20th century by the concierge.

The designs of these labels (or nowadays known as ‘’prints’’) were the result of artists' work such as Mario Borgoni (Pesaro 1869), Filippo Romoli (Savona, 1901/1969), Arnold Brugger (Switzerland, 1888/1975).

Modernist labels were usually seen by seaside hotels, whereas urban palaces prefer heraldic style.

These labels inspire a slight wave to the soul – just like the soul of a perfume: mysterious, evoking memories of a distant past and nostalgia for the absence, just like the Palace, where Philippe Neirinck holds fond memories.

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