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My Friendship with Mendittorosa - Where it all Began

The Italian house of Mendittorosa has been with me on my Shy Mimosa journey even before our beginning in 2016.

In 2015 I reached out to Stefania, the creative force behind the brand, and we talked for hours, sharing our stories.

We talked passionately about how the forgotten art of perfumery, craftsmanship and attention to detail needs to be brought back to life to beat today's fast fashion approach.
We both felt the focus should shift to the pure, authentic and genuine. Since then, we've been on a journey of friendship, mutual support and respect.

So, when Shy Mimosa Perfumery opened its doors, Mendittorosa was naturally one of the first brands I wanted to include in my curated collection.

Fast forward to 20.02.2020, when I took my family to visit Stefania in her studio in Naples. It was an emotional and personal encounter. Stefania studies astrology and psychology, and the date of my visit was considered a significant one that is hard to forget. But it also aligns an even stronger friendship.

Stefania shared the new project she was working on with Luca Maffei called "Orlo". Inspired and deeply moved by Sylvia Plath, her poetry and personal life, Stefania wanted to celebrate Plath's troubled soul. Orlo is a spring time meadow, gentle and soft with opulent nuances of suave green notes. A "creation", as Stefania likes to call her perfumes, that we will want to reach for when the first signs of Spring emerge.

The style Stefania has created is not to follow any trends. It means it's always exciting as we wonder what the new creation will be, the inspiration behind it, and the message Stefania wants to convey. Keep an eye on our social media to hear about it first hand, something new is coming soon.

For Stefania, it all began with a trio of unorthodox, stand-alone scents that defy gender, place and time. One for the Highlands, one for the Lowlands, and another for far, far away.

Id // Spiced – Comforting
As soft as a milky chai, warming and tender.

North // Glacial - Green - Resinous
Incense, pine and woods in a glacial snow globe

South // Carefree - Understated – Soft
Paper, Stone and Bread