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Fawn Interiors on Giovanna Antonelli

We are always curious to know our customers' honest impression of our little perfume store and the selection of brands we carry, as we strive to always improve and make it a memorable experience. We took the opportunity to ask a few questions to the lovely Robyn Knibb, Interior Designer and Founder of FAWN Interiors about the Brazilian brand Giovanna Antonelli, when she came in to the boutique.

What is your first impression of the Brazilian brand Giovanna Antonelli?

Beautiful bottles that have a real luxurious look!

When looking for a new perfume, is the bottle/design important to you, being an interior designer?

I think naturally I appreciate good design when it comes to products. However, when it comes to perfume I wouldn't say it is something that would stop me buying a perfume, if I liked the scent.

How does the Giovanna Antonelli brand appeal to you?

I think it's great! I absolutely love supporting new businesses - albeit Giovanna being a well known Brazilian actress, her perfume collection is aiming for the niche and exclusive market, which is a very clever approach, as it's harder but the quality greater.

Perfume is something I spend quite a lot of money on, so I like to find brands that are good quality and original. Shy Mimosa is amazing at this - I love the fact that you have a variety of superb quality scents from artisans across the globe and you have personal relationships with the creators themselves.

Are you a classic perfume girl or adventurous to try something different?

I have my staple scents that I wear day to day but when I buy a special perfume, I'm totally open minded, rather adventurous, and I love trying something different.

You tried 811 Absoluto on your skin - did it last and what were your impressions?

Yes!! I loved it. It totally lasted and I got two people commenting on it - one stopped me in the street! It very much awakened my senses - I found it bold, intense and is a real sensual evening perfume! It has a real fire to it whilst the silky floral notes gently uncover themselves. {Shy Mimosa loves Robyn's poetic description}

What did you think of the three scents?

I love Giovanna's perfumes. Firstly, I was drawn in by the ''811 Absoluto'' - I seem to always get drawn to that "spicy" note. However, the smells of the other two were equally beautiful and very different, and it actually made it a harder decision as I could imagine myself wearing them for different occasions as each evoked different moods.

What does perfume mean to you?

Personally, I think perfume is a daily staple. I never leave the house without a spritz and when I'm wearing my favourite perfume, it really uplifts me and I feel I can take on the world!

An affirmation from a successful businesswoman, doesn't leave us with much choice but to lavish ourselves in scent and go conquer the world.

Thank you Robyn for your time, we loved spending time with you and hearing your thoughts on scent.