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Delicate Floral Scents of Early Summer: Exploring The Timeless Le Galion Collection

After the soft rains of Springtime have watered England's garden, and greenery coyly emerges sporadically here and there, we revel in the delights of bird song on a cool spring evening, and await the blossoming of trees.

From the delicate pastel pinks of Cherry Blossom, to the ethereal whites against a perfect blue sky - the month of May is a time of hope, renewal and for many, a release from the darkness and oppression of a long Winter.

As we approach the beginnings of June, our spirits are lifted by the abundance of native flora and exalted by the scents that nature provides from her remarkable palette.

In Perfume circles, not dissimilar to Haute Couture, the change of wardrobe is seasonal and therefore quarterly, a joyous reason to alternate our scents and maybe even add to our existing collections.

In terms of colour, late Spring and early Summer brings to mind soft pastels - apple blossom white, sugared almond tones of pink and lilac, and the pleasing hues of delicate limes and baby blues. Fabrics that are redolent of softness and purity such as Angora, Mohair, and Cashmere are rediscovered and worn with pleasure.

So, how about the Olfactory sense - what does the Perfumer and their palette translate into scents that welcome early Summer: perfumes that capture the essence of the bucolic dreamy time of year?

The most likely route is the road that takes us to florality - delicate spring florals such as Linden Blossom, Lilac, Hyacinth, early Honeysuckle, the slightly less virginal Hawthorn Blossom, alongside Apple and Cherry trees and their blooms.

A Perfume House that really seems to understand and encapsulate the spirit of these, is Le Galion. The most appropriate being Tilleul and Tulipe, the former a delicate slightly honey toned floral with blossomy undertones, the latter an homage to the verdant scent of an early morning Florists.

Lily of The Valley is a solid classic, whilst Champs de Mai has a pleasingly sharp edge but with aqueous and honey nuances.

Iris pays tribute to the immensely nostalgic scents of the 1940's and 50's, cool - aloof - and powdery.

Once again, we are proud to be the sole official UK stockist of another classic and prestige vintage Perfume House - come and discover Le Galion for yourselves.

These can be tried as a 2ml Sample and 100ml Eau de Parfum, available either in store or online.

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