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Background Information

The brand was born from a partnership between Giovanna Antonelli, a Brazilian actress and TV presenter, and a French Perfume House, COURTOIS/mourot Parfums.

The collection is inspired by Giovanna and paying homage to her favourite cities: Paris, Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo.

The result is a trio of divine floral fragrances, created by renowned perfumers, Julie Masse, Cecile Matton and Mathilde Bijaoui of MANE. Working closely with the Perfumers, Giovanna wanted to ensure her vision resonates in each fragrance.

Each perfume is rich, full-bodied and vivacious; bold without screaming for attention. We have classic French floral with modern green notes; balsamic oriental and spicy floral.

And true to her vision, the collection is a facet of Giovanna, expressing her femininity, elegance and exotic beauty with added French chic and elegance.

We are delighted to have this incredibly luxurious trio of stunning florals, exclusively available to us in the U.K.

From Giovanna herself;

"What woman has never dreamed of wearing a perfume specially created for her? A perfume tailor-made, which defines her, reveals and sublimates her, makes her unique and brings her to light. A supreme luxury to which I had always dreamed; Inaccessible, it thought. And yet, at the turn of a meeting with the company COURTOIS/mourot Parfums, slowly the idea to give life to this wonderful desire was drawn.

Little by little I began to imagine perfumes that would be part of a culture of excellence, absolute creativity and refinement; Close to my story, my imagination and my emotions ... Intense, extreme and delicate fragrances, apart from the "uniform" perfumes that would be signed, easy to identify and easy to wear, that would mark the place, Minds, memories.

My perfumes carry the project of lifting you up, bring up as an emotional puzzle, a moment of suspended grace, an intimate emotion hidden, linked to a magical place. A city, a place, a place loaded with a particular aura that will tirelessly tears you out of your routine, will make you breathe, live, feel, feel more intensely."

We are sorry but we have now discontinued stocking GIOVANNA ANTONELLI products. Please contact the brand directly for more information on how to purchase their products.