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Extrait D Atelier

Extrait D'Atelier

Background Information

Exclusively available to Shy Mimosa Perfumery in the UK.

From the love of beauty, respect and awe of the values of ancient craftsmanship and the art of creating, together with passionate research, the Italian born Chiara Ronzani created Extrait D’Atelier without distinction for men or women, because skill, art, scent and sophistication have no gender.

Having worked in the fashion industry for a while, Chiara Ronzani eventually found solace in the enchanted world of fragrance. The brand was launched in 2016 with three scents that are narrated stories of Masters in their Ateliers. And as the concept of her brand is to pay homage to ancient-old trades, embodied in every detail, it is also an invitation to abandon the obvious and discover the pleasure of unique fragrances.

Her creations are more than just luxurious perfumes - inside their bottles, Extrait D’Atelier captures the story of a great artisan.To open the box of each perfume is to enter an experience and let be enchanted by the magical world of savoir-faire.

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