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Daniel Josier

Daniel Josier

Background Information

Exclusively available to Shy Mimosa Perfumery in the UK.

Daniel Josier’s world revolves around perfume. The quest for perfection, for delightful aromas fills his day and much of his night. Daniel only shares his creations when he is convinced that a perfume innovation stands at the apex of his creative virtuosity.

All of his creations are the result of countless hours of reconnoiter to bring you a range of truly unique and extraordinary scents. Perfumes that will enhance and expand your experience.

A few words from Daniel;

"After my studies, I started in the world of perfumery in 1997, responsible for large accounts for the creation of essences by Haarman & Reimer (now Symrise), a German multinational of the perfume industry, coming into contact with companies such as Sara Lee , Unilever, L'Oreal, Puig, LVMH.

In 2004 I made the leap to Iberchem society, responsible for the area of creation of perfumes for the Spanish market.

Since 2008 I have been responsible for the French company Expressions Parfumées for Iberia (Spain-Portugal) having clients like Puig (CH, Rabanne, Ricci, Prada, Valentino), Yves Rocher, L'Occitane, and others.

In January 2009, I created and developed my own company L'Atelier del Perfume which was born to combine the work I do in the industry and create not only the essences but the finished product to small companies."

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